International Practice
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International Practice

Beatrice is involved in a number of international projects that range from professional development, performance and film, movement psychotherapy and teaching. Grants have been awarded from The British Council, Arts Council England, Hong Kong Medical Foundation and The Arts for Peace Foundation. To find out more about how you can book one of Beatrice Allegranti’s film’s or performances or to be added to the mailing list, please email directly:

Current Projects Include:

‘City Ghosts’ (2009): This forthcoming short film was shot on location in Hong Kong in 2008. It presents the embodied themes of culture and visibility for four Hong Kong Chinese women.
Direction: Beatrice Allegranti
Sound Mix: Tom Grifitths
Performers: Josephine Chai, Candy Lam, Penny Lee-ping Ho, Jacqueline Lee Wai-Tak.
Spoken Narratives: Josephine Chai, Candy Lam, Penny Lee-ping Ho, Jacqueline Lee Wai-Tak, Piet DeFossez, Beatrice Allegranti

Ongoing Projects Include:

Arts for Peace Foundation, Ireland (2007-date) facilitating groups of adolescents from European and Middle Eastern countries experiencing conflict.

Polish Institute for Dance and Movement Psychotherapy, Warsaw, Visiting Lecturer (2005-date).

Professional Development: Hong Kong Medical Foundation (2008) professional development workshops for professionals working in psychiatry, social work, teaching and the arts.